ASU NewSpace

Current Projects

The NewSpace program is continually fostering new research avenues and partnerships between ASU and next-generation commercial space enterprises. The following is an overview of recent collaborations, innovations and accomplishments.

LunaH-Map:Craige Hardgroove

LunaH-Map is a new type of NASA planetary science mission, a miniaturized, fully functional interplanetary spacecraft the size of a shoebox that will map hydrogen enrichments (indicators of water-ice) within permanently shadowed regions of the lunar South Pole. By flying over the South Pole at a very low altitude, LunaH-Map will be able to resolve ice enrichments that previous spacecraft missions could not. The spacecraft will use a miniaturized propulsion system, attitude control, power and communications systems to maneuver into orbit around the Moon.

Sean Bryan launches weather data sensor on World View balloon

Bryan, an associate research scientist with ASU’s School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, is the principal investigator on the CubeSounder project, which aims to modernize the way satellites collect weather data. The team includes researchers from ECEE, the School of Earth and Space Exploration and ASU/NewSpace.

Planet logo


Planet Labs and ASU have partnered to provide free access for ASU users to an expansive Earth-observation dataset! Planet Labs downlinks 11 terabytes of satellite imagery data per day from their large network of cubesat spacecraft! The Planet constellation of satellites orbits the Earth every 90 minutes, providing time-resolved data useful to a range of users, including students, researchers, and even policy makers.