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ASU NewSpace leads the integration of academic and commercial space enterprises using ASU’s core strengths in space science, engineering and education.

ASU NewSpace is a founding partner of the MILO Institute, providing affordable accessible space science.

Introducing the MILO Institute

Introducing the MILO Institute

Affordable Accessible Space Science


Dedicated to making deep space missions affordable and accessible to universities and space agencies around the world.

Institute members participate in unprecedented exploration and scientific discovery, engage in all aspects of mission development and operation, and support their regional space industry.

Hunting for Hydrogen
on the Moon with LunaH-Map

The Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper (LunaH-Map) is a CubeSat mission led by ASU NewSpace’s Dr. Craig Hardgrove selected to fly aboard NASA’s first Exploration Mission of the Space Launch System (SLS EM-1).

Commercial Partnerships

ASU NewSpace is continually fostering new research avenues and partnerships between ASU and next-generation commercial space enterprises.

Let’s Work Together

The goal of NewSpace is to bring together academic thought leaders and commercial space entrepreneurs. We invite you to join the collaboration. Share your opinions, ideas and expertise with some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

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