Space Tracking Station

The ASU experimental ground station is a developing experimental facility aimed at providing

The ASU ground station located on the roof of the ISTB4 building on the Tempe campus, seen here during construction in 2016. A Phoenix valley dust storm approaches from the south.

  • hands on experience in radio astronomy and cubesat operations
  • Hands on experience for students operate amateur and research cubesats
  • Testbed for high performance receivers built by ASU’s THz lab

Most of the station itself is designed, assembled, and operated by students providing many opportunities for experience with real projects.

Station facts

  • Location: Roof of ISTB4 building on ASU Tempe campus
  • Fully steerable mount with 10ft dish and dual 2m-band yagis.
  • Feeds: Sband (amateur and DSN bands), Xband, Lband (radio astronomy band)
  • The ASU ground station is a project sponsored by JPL, Newspace, and SESE.  Dish and mount are manufactured by M2 Inc and installed by Close Communications.

Faculty and Staff

  • Daniel Jacobs, SESE (Director)  daniel.c.jacobs  -a-   asu edu
  • Scott Smas, Newspace
  • Jim Eberle, EE
  • Hamdi Mani, THz Lab
  • Jim Bell, SESE
  • Andrew Klesh, JPL
  • Jack Lightholder, JPL


  • Jeremy Jakubowski
  • Chris Mars